Kick Start Your Career in Data Science!!!

Hello Everyone…

This is my very first blog on how to start with Data Science. I have decided to write this blog so that I can share my knowledge. Like most of you , I am also newbie in Data Science.

How can this blog help you??

In this blog I am going to share path which I have followed to start my career in Data Science domain. You should have following skillset to get into this domain:

  1. Pick and learn anyone of the languages like Python or R.
  2. Buy some Data science courses from websites like Coursera, Udacity, Udemy etc. Below are the links of some useful courses:

Udemy Python for Data Science

Udemy Machine Learning Course

Udemy complete Data Science Course

Coursera EDA

3. Learn Applied Statistics to have clear understanding about data.

4. Learn about basic data analysis packages like Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib Seaborn , Scikit-learn.

5. Download datasets from Kaggle, UCI data repository and start exploring it.

6. Starting building your Machine Learning models.

These are very basic steps I have shared. Data Science is a vast domain and you will require lot of patience and time to excel in this domain. So do not rush when you start with this. All the best !!!

Associate Developer @SAP Labs India

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